Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

Different sugary foods you should have once a month

Do you love sweets and chocolate? Do you crave for it and wish to have any of them at least once a week or month to make your boring diet little easy to follow and keep the mind-set able to follow it? If yes, then have any of the sweet food and make yourself happy!

You don’t need to contact catering services in Dubai to get a bowl of ice-cream on cheat day or call at party catering Dubai to get éclairs. You can get the best sweet food from any store easily. 

There are many you should try or have for a single time in a month, at least, but I have prepared a list of few. Few of them are:

  1. Strawberry cheese Cake: It is the cake you should at least once in your life. The flavours of strawberry and cream cheese will make the cake must-try. The crust will make it tastier as well.
  2. Morons: Round shaped biscuits which would cream in between that look like a mall sandwich is morons. You can get morons of any colour. The crisp of biscuit’s crust and sweet taste of cream will make you to have more of them. 
  3. Doughnuts: Chocolaty doughnuts that would have cream inside tastes to well that you would be unable to refuse to have them after having a single doughnut.
  4. Ice-cream: It is the love of everyone. Pick any of your favourite flavour and feel the flavour of sweetness and smoothness of cold cream. Have it either in cone or cup at least once a month to treat yourselves.
  5. Chocolate coated strawberry: You can have chocolate coated strawberries once a month or twice a month to have some sweet tooth and let the sweetness to make canopy in your mouth and gut. 
  6. Chocolate velvet cake: Chocolate velvet cake is the favourite cake of humans. Have it with your friends on their birthdays and day of joys to celebrate the moment. You will surely love it more. 
  7. Marshmallows with chocolate: It is a must-try. Have it during treat time and to satisfy your cravings of sweet and chocolate.
  8. Apple pie: It is another sweet food to have once a month. This roll like apple flavoured food will become your first love in few bites, surely. 
  9. Ice-Cream sandwich: Although, it falls into the category of ice-cream, have it on different day to please yourself and make your more relax-full and less hectic with its creamy flavour that is combined with biscuit’s crust that make the food more like a meal because of its combination.